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Welcome to Curvwood products. For over 35 years we have brought to the Architectural and Design community wood veneer and tambour products especially hand crafted for field application to walls, and cabinet shop wood veneer products of high quality for store fixture, refinishing projects and specialty application.

Now available 48” wide PSA (Peel & Stick) veneer. Call us for more information at 800-527-9014.

Curvwood is offered in a variety of wood species, styles and backings per your specification.


Please contact us to discuss any of our wood products on your current or future projects. We also welcome challenging emergency calls and we will try to meet your time and budget requirements.  At Curvwood, service is still our most important product.


Please contact us or fax any quote requests. Just use our form.




CurvTambour profiles are manufactured in a wide variety of unique finishes to offer Design Freedom Standard panel lengths are either 95 / 96" and widths range from 11 1/4" to 48" all depending on the material specified. We offer tambour profiles using a choice of wood species in solid wood or veneer for both wall covering panels and tambour doors. Depending on the tambour function, these products are manufacturer with either a cloth or paper backing. Please click on any of the links below to go to our Tambour pages for full tambour product information, profiles, species, and Prices & Sizes.


Solid Wood Red Oak

Clothback Solid Wood

Select Solid Wood Species

Clothback Veneer CurvTambour

Wood Veneer - Various Species

Tambour Doors Solid Wood with Leadrails

Paint-Grade Solid Wood

Doors - Veneer

Paint-Grade Hardboard

Doors - Solid Look






Click here to see our Tambour collection.

Cabinet Shop Wood Veneer


Curvwood Cabinet Grade (CG) is available in a variety of backings, making it ideal for cabinets, store fixtures, doors, columns, refinishing projects and many other uses. Curvwood CG is designed for substrates such as particleboard, plywood, hardboard, plastic or metal. Curvwood CG can be manufactured in Book, Slip, or Random match depending on the end-user specifications. Backed veneers are tenderized and sanded for ease of installation.


The following is an overview of our collections of Wood Wallcovering with cloth backing, Cabinet Shop wood veneers with backing of 10 mill paper, Natural WoodEdge wood-on-wood, Curv2Ply veneer with crossband construction, Duraback veneer with a resin backer, and PSA (Peel & Stick) veneer with a high performance backing, along with our handy Curvwood Fiber Knife Veneer Scrapers, for hand application Remember Curvwood DoorSaver™ for repairing solid or hollow core flush doors.  Use this web page to select and order, or speak with a live person Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00 CT at 800-527-9014, or email us at


Curvwood veneers are A & AB grade per the Hardwood, Plywood & Veneer Association standards.

General Guide:

If budget is the controlling factor, some veneer quality and appearance is sacrificed ( AB ).
If veneer appearance is most important, then price is a lesser consideration ( A ).


Curvwood Basic Veneers:

Ash, White F/C
Alder, Rustic (Contains F/C, Half Crown, Qtr) Plank
Alder, Sound (Countains F/C, Half Crown, & Qtr)
Alder, Clear (Contains F/C, Half Crown, Qtr)
Birch, White - Rotary Spliced
Cherry, Premium F/C
Cherry, Quarters
Fir, Vertical Grain
Hickory, Calico
Mahogany, F/C African (Khaya) Premium
Mahogany, African (Khaya)
Maple, Premium F/C
Maple, Quarters

Oak, Red Premium F/C
Oak, Red
Oak, Red Rift
Oak, Red Quarters - Assorted Flake
Oak, Red Quarters with Heavy Flake
Oak, White F/C Premium
Oak, White F/C
Oak, White Oak Rift
Oak, White Quarters - Assorted Flake
Oak, White Quarters, Heavy Flake
Pine, Knotty Plani-Matched
Sapeli, Qtd.
Walnut, Premium F/C
Wenge, Quarters


Please review and bookmark our standard Veneer List.

We also offer a full selection of exotic veneers, please inquire.

Wood Wallcovering


The traditional 900 series Curvwood architectural select wood veneer and the engineered 950 series Curvwood UBG wood veneer offer the end-user the beauty of a fine wood wallcovering. The Curvwood UBG (Uniform Balanced Grain) offers the specifier the assurance of continuity sheet to sheet. Selected wood veneers such as Ebony, Rosewood and Birdseye Maple, to name a few, in the engineered style offer, when finished with a natural clear varnish, the true beauty of the representative specie at economical prices and lengths not found in nature.


All Curvwood wood wallcovering products are custom manufactured on a per order basis, and shipped unfinished for installation and field applied finish. While we always recommend a clear natural finish on wood wallcovering, the cloth backed 900 series may be stained, while the 950 series, Curvwood UBG, should have a clear finish. Contact us for additional information.

Our simulated wood grain vinyl offers that true appearance. Wood grain vinyl is available in styles offering a quarter cut look with high lights, rift or straight grain with a even wood grain appearance, and we offer a few choices with a slight texture feel in the wood grain vinyl.


Tack Surface for Display Cases and Tack Boards

CurvCork #486 is a natural cork color STOCKED in 89 foot rolls 48" wide x 6mm (nominal 1/4") thick. This product is used for the the interior back of display cases. It can be covered with fabric or vinyl for custom tack surfaces, or custom framed tack boards as the specifications require. Projects range from large to small, schools to conference rooms, to training facilities. Please contact us for 1 roll or quantity quote. In Stock.


When you visit our CurvCork site, please check the wide range of Color Cork samples, for those upper end projects that require a 1/4" solid color cork. Color Cork is available 48" wide in both full rolls or cut, all priced by the square foot. Please contact us for those projects requiring quick shipment

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We invite you to visit our Corporate Page for our selection of other interior products



General Information

This is a wholesale website for professional Woodworkers. However, there is a small quantity and / or dollar minimum requirement on various products. Please see order information.  All sales by credit card only for immediate processing. Orders paid by company check may require additional time for bank processing. Sorry, no personal checks.


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