Curvwood DoorSaver™

Curvwood DoorSaver is a specially manufactured wood veneer for application to solid or hollow core flush doors. It is produced specifically as decorative facing material for interior doors in commercial and institutional applications. 


For aesthetic continuity throughout casework, walls and architectural applications, most Curvwood DoorSaver veneer may be ordered on all three backers of Curvwood Cabinet Grade, DuraBack, Paper Back and Natural



Curvwood DoorSaver offers a very wide choice of fine wood veneers in an affordable, easy to apply form ideal for surfacing and resurfacing doors. Curvwood DoorSaver veneer may be applied directly to previously painted doors, as well as to those surfaced with high-pressure decorative laminate or wood veneer. They may also be applied to properly primed wood and metal doors.


Heavy doors, such as security and X-ray entry doors, may be easily re-surfaced in place; application and finishing for Curvwood DoorSaver can be completed, in most cases, in less than 48 hours Curvwood DoorSaver veneer meets AWI standard for premium grade wood

Style CG-100-DS


Style CG-200-DS

Paper Back

Style CG-300-DS

Wood Back

Sheet Width:


Sheet Lengths:




Resin backed

Sheet Thickness:

Nominal 0.048”

Sheet Width:


Sheet Lengths:




10 mil Paper Backed

Sheet Thickness:

Nominal 0.020”

Sheet Width:


Sheet Lengths:




Wood backed

Sheet Thickness:

Nominal 0.040”

Available Veneers:

  • Ash, White F/C

  • Birch, White-Rotary Spliced

  • Cherry, F/C Premium

  • Mahogany, F/C African (Khaya) Premium

  • Maple, White F/C

  • Oak, Red F/C Premium

  • Oak, White F/C Premium

  • Sapele

  • Teak F/C

  • Walnut, F/C Premium

  • Additional species and sheet sizes available on special quotations.

Since we have no control over the end use of DoorSaver, the job site conditions, the skill of the installer and the quality of finishing, NO warranty is expressed or implied.


For a Quotation on your DoorSaver project please contact us.  Quote Request PDF


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